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Bats are the only mammals able to sustain active flight.


isamu noguchi was an outstanding japanese-american sculptor in the 20th


The story is mainly silence, a continuous speech, heard on the outskirts of any meaning; the story de‑builds the house, it rebuilds it and

– Hello, dear Zaha, it’s good to hear from you, but what happened? It’s a bit early around here, the sun just rose and

I was in the army. From the garrison toilet’s window, I could see the string of communist blocks of flats across the street. Whenever

For a long time, architects who have assumed a social mission believed in the power of space to shape an individual. To stimulate him,

Mikhail Bakhtin theorized for literature a concept of immense heuristic value: the so-called chronotope, that is a determined space-time, a «world» in all its

Perhaps this was the reason for the present issue of the review to include storytellers, dreamers and inventors in a theoretical debate, as formulas