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The Grapes Could Be Sour

A few words about the title of the column. «The grapes could be sour»* is an obvious paraphrase of the

We are launching a new column in the magazine for at least two reasons. The first one is actually the consequence of our editorial choice to focus on the architecture from the Central and Eastern European countries, which greatly reduces the opportunity to present «interesting or cute» (as the title of one of the previous issues from 2018 stated), provocative, exciting, tender architecture, urbanism and experimental works from the rest of the world. Especially in the situations when these projects don’t necessarily meet the topics of the thematic issues. The second reason is that for the presentation of such projects we can allow ourselves an approach that is more polemical, critical and free of any kind of doctrine constraints (theoretical and practical) or, on the contrary, that can be understood as an assembly of multiple or different, even contradictory, theoretical and practical matters. Moreover, of course, these perspectives can be more or less subjective, with the degree of subjectivity depending on: medium or long-term personal preferences and expectations; adopting a specific theoretical or practical approach; a profound/ less profound knowledge of the specific cultural, personal or local contexts; and, last but not least, the need to explore and experience a certain polemical and critical perspective.


A few words about the title of the column. «The grapes could be sour»* is an obvious paraphrase of the «verdict» from the famous fable about the fox that could not reach the grapes. Why a paraphrase? For our intention is to bring up to date, if not the fable, at least the phrase – as we can always find grapes that are great-sized and beautiful nowadays

in supermarkets, but, unfortunately, very often they neither smell or taste like grapes – and, it is true, very often they are not even sour.


* Previously explored titles include:

«Between teeth» (as the golden coins were once tested) – too obsolete

«Demarcations / Distinctions / Dispositions» (philosophical terms) – too conceptual

«Elective (pre)dispositions» – too passive / passé


Arpad Zachi

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