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Romania will host the European Conference for Architectural Policies for


HOME|any|more|? Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture Bucharest, October 7-20, 2019 Call for projects


The International Creative Camp is dedicated to unlocking / re-discovering the meaning and role of memory and imagination in the dialogue between the arts

At the University of Architecture and Urbanism «Ion Mincu» in Bucharest, on 23 and 24 November 2017, the EAM-BDP European Architecture Medals for the

Bats are the only mammals able to sustain active flight. Over the course of their evolution, which stretched for more than 50 million years,

The project is located on a long, narrow strip of land partially occupied by a five‑story building, in the traditionally working‑class Belleville district of

The inside of the Bánffy Castle main building in Bonţida village is now in the public imagination due to a combination of historical architectural

The renovation of ING Bank Turkey Headquarters was started with a project workout within the participation of current employees. By getting their current space

This project aims to adapt, or rather, to make use of the stones available to put up a new building. It is a new building,

Frequent floods have deprived the locals of an access to the wild and beautiful landscape. For this project, TERRITOIRES chose the radical and minimal

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