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Arhitext 3/2019 – Plato’s Cave | Co-living, Co-Housing

Arhitext 3/2019 - Contents

8 Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture – 3rd Edition

‹Home› achieved through familiarity, defined by experience over time, may allow us to reflect on adaptive reuse projects in which we have been involved, such us the new Sala Beckett International Drama Centre in Barcelona. The project is the renovation of a social landmark: the conversion of a former workers’ Cooperative that served the neighborhood where it sits for more than one hundred years. After closing its doors in 1980, it remained in the memories of those who live around it. The abandoned building was not listed, so the decision of preserving it or not was significant at the moment of the competition.
We thought that what was still remaining contained the memories of the former Cooperative, so we decided not to demolish, accepting the ruin as a new starting point, a new life for the old building. It was a case of emotional heritage as much as physical heritage, and thus our efforts were to keep these memories inside the building. This is a design decision of major ideological importance, because for us the idea of patrimony does not come from pater, it cannot be imposed from above, but instead arises from time and experience, from what is radically collective. – Eva Prats & Ricardo Flores

The Grapes Could Be Sour 

10 OMA
Fondazione Prada


10 Maria Alexandra Tase
Sequences from an Incomplete Foundation

Finally, a non-auto-referential architecture, but one which stands out through a different dimension. This isn’t about the kind of building you are looking at. It is rather an invitation to an experience. I always imagined museum visitors as difficult and sophisticated people, well aware of what’s what. Surely, the abstract art and installation that were to be exhibited here also influenced the way in which the intervention was designed. – Maria Alexandra Tase


16 Mihai Pienescu
Sfântul Toma & E.V. le-Duc


18 Evenimente aniversare: 15 ani – Facultatea de Arhitectură de Interior a Universității de Arhitectură și Urbanism «Ion Mincu» – București


19 Expoziție aniversară – Sesiunea internațională de comunicări științifice


25 Alumni Day


26 «!N Wheels» Atelier creativ de design


29 Atelierul de Iluminat Artistic


Plato’s Cave

Issue coordinator: Arpad Zachi

34 Arpad Zachi
Our House, Yesterday and Today


Andrei Tarkovsky, Nostalghia, 1983

36 Ștefan Vianu
The Thing and the Place: a Tale


44 Juhani Pallasmaa
The Human Nest


48 Arpad Zachi
The Cave That is Born Around the Hearth


58 Sarah Robinson
Adieu, Descartes


62 Vintilă Mihăilescu 
Home. Archaeology and Psychoanalysis


68 Bogdan Ghiu 
In the Mirror’s Cave


Co-Living, CO-Housing 

Issue coordinator: Andreea- Livia Ivanovici

74 Andreea- Livia Ivanovici
Living Together, Europe, America, Asia, Australia


76 Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter
Cohousing Community Lange Eng


80 Henle y Halebrown Rorrison

 London’s First Co-Housing Project – Copper Lane


84 PLP Architecture
The Collective Old Oak


87 Teatum + Teatum Architects
An Infrastructure for Urban Renting


90 Octane architect & design
Hachi Serviced Apartment


94 WeLive
Co-Living Comes Along with Co-Working


96 Alexis Dornier
Co-Living and Co-Working in Bali


74 Andreea- Livia Ivanovici
Challenges for a Whole Week


100 Pollard Thomas Edwards
Co-Housing for Elders


103 Jereb in Budja arhitekti
Mother’s Home Ljubljana


106 iredale pedersen hook architects
Walumba Elders Centre


109 Leve Architects
Zero Flat for Homeless


74 Andreea- Livia Ivanovici
Between an Experiment and an Intentional Community


113 Dieter Dietz
Shared Living Spaces in the Swiss Rural Landscape


Shared Living in Barcelona


Gated Community in Madrid


124 arpanetoarc hitekten + fatkoehlarchitekten + BARarchitekten
Coop Project Spreefeld, Berlin


129 bureau SLA + bureau Zakenmaker
Nine Dwellings in Oosterwold


East Centric Projects

I’m imagining gates, doorways, not meant to allow access from or into an enclosed area… meant to be crossed not for the purpose of reaching the other side, but for the actual apparently simple act of crossing them, getting lost in the instantaneous moment of the crossing, and then exiting (…) They are transit spaces from one place back to itself, openings (…) in a border between different selves… – Dana Milea & Mihai Zachi


137 NFO + prof.Petar Barišić
Gordan Lederer Memorial


The Observation Tower


The Cabin


144 Keeo4design
The Walk Above the Vineyards


148 Arrea arhitektura d. o. o.
Entrance Pavilion, Arboretum Volčji Potok


150 Radko Květ architectural studio
Archeopark Pavlov


Koper Central Park


156 Ravnikar Potokar Architectural Office
A Square Below the Castle and a Playground «Zamorc»


160 Studio SVET VMES
Pebble Atrium


162 4of7 & Institute of Transportation CIP
DT Plateau


166 Parasite Studio
Timișoara 2021

Parasite Studio, Timișoara 2021, photographs: Daniel Opriș

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