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Maidan tent

The «Maidan tent» is a tent designed so that people who live in the refugee camps can benefit of a

Di Modrone & Oberkalmsteiner

Maidan tent

  • Location

    Ritsona, Greece

  • Architects

    Bonaventura Visconti di Modrone, Leo Bettini Oberkalmsteiner

  • Structural engineering

    Federico Bormetti

  • Client

    ECHO 100Plus NGO

  • Built area

    200 sqm

  • Project period

    2016 – 2017

  • Construction year


  • Graphic design

    Giovanni Dufour

  • Renders

    Filippo Bolognese

  • Photographs

    Delfino Sisto Legnani

The «Maidan tent» is a tent designed so that people who live in the refugee camps can benefit of a public indoor space where they can socialize and share various activities. It is not a coincidence that the word Maidan, in Arabic, means square.

The «Maidan tent» is a large structure thought as, and designed to be, a covered public piazza. It is a safe multifunctional, adaptable space that can host up to 100 people. It has an aluminum structure covered with a water, strong wind resistant, and fire proof textile. The components are standardized to allow for an easy installation and to ensure long term durability and easy transportation. It is articulated so that inside it the spaces can be easily separated in a modular way. The covered circular space is divided into eight sectors each of which, in turn, has two concentric areas.

The center of the structure, thought and designer as a meeting area, is bounded by a ring of additional semi-private areas where people can carry out their activities in a cozier private atmosphere. For this reason thestructure has been designed keeping in mind some psychological aspects as for example: the circular shape, that is open on all sides, invites people to enter from any the direction they come from, zoning enables people to establish relationships and the multifunctional space is flexible and can be adapted easily depending on the various needs.

The «Maidan tent» can be multifunctional, a space where to receive medical and psychological care, a playground for children, a gathering place where to eat together, buy and sell goods, learn and teach, pray, discuss and exchange ideas.

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