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The plot is located in the limit of a closed condominium, with a height difference

The project is situated in the Italian Alps in the outskirts of the city of

ICHOT – Gate of Poznan was built in the very historical core of Poznan, Ostrów

The masseria is set in the heart of the Puglia countryside with views to Ostuni,

The project is located on a long, narrow strip of land partially occupied by a

Located in a residential quarter of low housing density, the house was designed according to

The Patrimony is not a special type of project, it only needs an extra 20%

This project aims to adapt, or rather, to make use of the stones available to

The 45 hectares of the site have an historical antecedent in the 19th‑century urbanisation of

The project is a part of a general hypothesis for re‑using the old railway line,

The «Niel» public garden is the parade ground of the former «Caserne Niel» military barracks.

Oropesa is known for its castle, built in 1402 and formerly the residence of the

We were given a proposal to develop a requalification project of Pedreira do Campo, currently

Metellus's House is located in the heart of Sasso Barisano off the historic «Via Fiorentini»

This classical Chinese «siheyuan» courtyard house consists of two courtyards framed by three compartments. The

Frequent floods have deprived the locals of an access to the wild and beautiful landscape.

The project transforms the solution of a functional problem – giving a pedestrian safety sidewalk