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Varnsdorf – Pivovar Kocour

The first private train stop in public space and private administration in the Czech Republic is situated 280 m from


Varnsdorf – Pivovar Kocour

  • Location

    Rumburská, Varnsdorf, Czech Republic

  • Project title

    The first private train stop in the Czech Republic: Varnsdorf – Kocour Brewery

  • Architecture office


  • Author 

    ing. arch. Petr Šikola, Ph.D.

  • Design team  

     ing. arch. Jan Černoch, ing. Jan Pustějovský, ing. arch. Hana Staroňová

  • Photographs

    Jaroslav Kvíz

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Location / Features of the area
The first private train stop in public space and private administration in the Czech Republic is situated 280 m from the Czech‑German border, where railway track No. 828 Dresden – Ebersbasch – Zittau – Liberec – Tanvald interbreeds with Rumburská Street. The train stop connects the neighboring part of the town of Varnsdorf and the area of Kocour Brewery to the system of local and regional transport network.

Architecture / Idea and concept
The idea of the solution of the platform shelter is inspired by the industrial atmosphere and the history of the town, by Varnsdorf Kocour Brewery and by the small architecture and landscape modifications in the area of the brewery.
The concept of the simple volume, two intersected open cubes, found its inspiration in wooden brewery boxes – beer crates. From the interior of these boxes, a massive wooden bench with the names of train stops on protrudes into the outdoor space. The bench is carried by the logo of the brewery – the steel «statue» of the tomcat («kocour» in Czech).

The concept refers to the industrial identity of the place with its material solution – the steel structure (20 mm thick‑walled sheet steel) is treated to become rusty during its life‑cycle. It is perforated with small circle holes, which form the logo of the brewery. This allows interesting distribution of daylight into the interior. On the other hand, the night interior lighting – LED strips – illuminates the logo in perforated walls making it visible into the darkness of the exterior. The floor of the shelter is made from galvanized grates with comaxite surface, which will get a patina during the time. The black colour is getting off in the most frequently used areas and the light colour of the galvanizing remains visible. The exterior of the shelter is completed with identification signs «Pivovar» and «Brauerei» (Brewery), which are sprayed with white colour.

Architecture / Disposition
The interior of the two cubes is partly open to the railway and partly closed to ensure the protection against unfavourable weather. Besides the bench for the passengers, some track schedules in atypical polycarbonate cases, a beer bottle opener and a case for beer caps are located inside. The lockable service installation space for maintenance tools, the electrical box and the drain from the roof are hidden in the back part of the shelter.

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